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Our team is very much a threaded fasteners team, though we have sometimes utilized rivets in a couple of spots. Our robotic has many tapped holes and countersunk screws utilized in applications where rivets couldn't really be used. We often discover ourselves removing, replacing, or fixing parts of our robotic. It holds true that we might drill out a rivet and replace it, but it's frequently quite difficult to fit a cordless drill and a riveter in a really tight spot.

We have ball end allen secrets, t deal with, and a set of allen keys for 3/8" socket wrenches. If you have a universal joint for the socket wrench, you can actually fit the allen wrench into tight areas. The second drawback of rivets is that they will only grab one wall of package tubing.

If you weld a few threaded inserts into your box tubing, and use a couple of 1/4-20's, you actually lowered your assembly/disassembly time. Our elevator assembly this year is a perfect example of fast assembly. To dismantle it, you must get rid of 7 threaded fasteners. You remove one 10-32 to launch the chain and 6 1/4 -20's to remove the 75" tall 1" x 2" uprights.

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Out team started utilizing threaded rivets this year. Drill the hole (or use the existing hole), place the threaded rivet, and the part can be quickly screwed on and off. Cleco Fasteners. Rivets are lighter and minimize slop in the structural system by filling the hole. Rivets are not easily removed. Fascinating more than 4 pieces of material together with blind pop rivets is not suggested.

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Rivets will squash material during their setup, materials that can not be crushed or that might be delaminated with a peak compression loading should not be riveted with conventional rivets. Bolts are heavier and require a clearance hole to be drilled. Bolts will not minimize slop. Bolts are easily removed.

Both bolts and rivets can stand up to high tensions, compression and large loads if both material and size belong to the joint analysis. Considering that our robot this year is half made of wood, we didn't use a lot of rivets. We utilize a couple of wood screws to hold aluminum parts to wood, and some device screws and nuts to hold other aluminum parts to wood.

We typically do not utilize locknuts on anything that might need to be disassembled for repair work or upkeep, due to the fact that it can take so long to get the screw out and back in. Instead, we depend on maintenance to keep nuts tight. We do not utilize airplane type rivetsif we did, we probably wouldn't have any trouble with riveted connections getting loose.

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When thinking about the engineering of fasteners, we typically think about the robot as a prototype, and not as a salable business item. I want to counter the point that rivets are not quickly removable. Rivets are EXTREMELY easily removable. Certainly care needs to be required to guarantee you are drilling out the rivet and not the hole under the rivet.

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For something that needs to be added one or two times per competitors, rivets are more than appropriate. The top of our lifter this year is hung on by rivets that we will drill out before we leave each competitors. -Brando I want to counter the point that rivets are not easily removable.

Obviously care requirements to be taken to guarantee you are drilling out the rivet and not the hole under the rivet. For something that will be removed/added sometimes during a single competitors we would decide for screws. For something that requires to be added as soon as or twice per competition, rivets are more than appropriate.

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- Brando Agreed, we use rivets for structures we don't anticipate to change but frequently find ourselves easily drilling them to make some changes and reattaching that structure. If we find that the subsystem needs to be eliminated or changed, we utilize threaded hardware as a part of the design. If we're attaching long-term structure, we aim to utilize rivets.

Much as I like our regional hardware store, the pop rivets they stock leave much to be desired. rich2202: Out group began using threaded rivets this year. Drill the hole (or utilize the existing hole), place the threaded rivet, and the part can be easily screwed on and off. Threaded rivetsyou suggest hi-locs? The Average Joes use a lot of rivets, and our experience is that they are much faster to remove and change, compared with nut-and-bolt attachment in the same hole size and location.